Participate in the making of a Dance Film by Internationally Renowned Choreographer Noémie Lafrance

  Participate in the making of a Dance Film by Noemie LaFrance and Sens Production Choreography for Audiences – Take One A Live Film Conceived and Choreographed by Noémie Lafrance The Irondale Theater – 85 S Oxford St,  Fort Green, Brooklyn Sept 15, 2012   2 PM    […] Read more »

Dance Genre Buzz – Korean Dance

Korean traditional dance originated in ancient shamanistic rituals thousands of years ago. By the time of the later Korean kingdoms, Goryeo and Joseon, in the 2nd millennium CE, Korean traditional dance benefited from regular support of the royal court, numerous academies, and even an official […] Read more »

Dance Genre Buzz – Breakdancing

Dance Genre Buzz – Breakdancing B-boying, often called “breakdancing“, is a popular style of street dance that was created and developed as part of hip-hop culture among African American and Latino youth in New York City.  The dance consists of four primary elements: toprock, downrock, […] Read more »

Dance Genre Buzz – Electro Dance

Dance Genre Buzz – Electro Dance Electro dance or Tecktonik is a frenetic and quirky form of street dance which is typically performed to electro house music.  It is based on, although is not limited to, a blend of different dance styles, such as Industrial, […] Read more »

Dance Genre Buzz – Salsa

Dance Genre Buzz – Salsa Dance Salsa is a Latin dance form with origins from the Cuban Son (circa 1920s) and Afro-Cuban dance (specifically Afro-Cuban rumba).  It is generally associated with the salsa music style, although it may be danced under other types of Latin […] Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight : Dawn Paap

Volunteer Spotlight October, 2011 Dawn Paap, Marketing Team "Need a way to connect with a community of great artists in NYC? Start here! You'll be amazed by who you meet." ~ Dawn Dance Parade, Inc. is a volunteer supported non-profit organization! It is the dedication, expertise and rhythm of these brave few that are solely responsible for the success of the event and all the background work that goes on all year long leading up to the parade and festival. Every month, we choose a different volunteer to spotlight. We ask them a few questions to let you know who they are, where they’ve come from and where they see themselves in the future. Read more »

Seeking Artists for CELEBRATION of LIFE!” – A “Be-In” & Music Video Documentary – on September 11th, 2011

SEEKING Dancers, Choreographers, Percussionists, Body Painters, Photographers, Videographers, and advance & on-site Event Organizers for CELEBRATION of LIFE!" - A "Be-In" & Music Video Documentary - on September 11th, 2011 Read more »

Sugar & Snails – a film by Kathi Prosser and William Yong

Video Dance TV Presents: Sugar & Snails – A dance film by Kathi Prosser and William Yong Subscribe to VideoDanceTV        Enjoy this dance short film directed by Kathi Prosser. Choreography by William Yong / Zata Omm Dance Projects. Featuring Kristy Kennedy and William […] Read more »

The White Pas De Deux from Swan Lake

In honor of the amazing new Darren Aronofsky film “Black Swan” here is Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn dancing white pas de deux from Swan lake. Subscribe to VideoDanceTV on youtube! [youtube=] Read more »

Doppelgänger by Donnie D’Amato

In fiction, folklore, and popular culture, a doppelgänger (pronounced [ˈdɔpəlˌgeːŋɐ]) is a tangible double of a living person that typically represents evil. In the vernacular, the word doppelgänger has come to refer (as in German “doppelt(e)”) to any double or look-alike of a person. check […] Read more »

The Movement : representing New York City!

Representing New York City. The Movement- A Theatrical Experience currently mounting international tour. Choreography and Direction by Angel Feliciano [youtube=] Subscribe to VideoDanceTV on youtube Read more »

Breakdancing Santas!

  Happy Holidays from Dance Parade! Here is a video of a group of Santas breakdancing in front of the New York Pulic Library! Subscribe to VideoDanceTV on youtube [youtube=] Read more »