Wall of Gratitude: THANK YOU NYC Cabaret Repeal Fighters of Justice!

Dance Parade Executive Director Greg Miller speaks at the Press Conference on the steps of New York City Hall after the City Council passed repeal of the cabaret law on October 31, 2017: “For the 25,000+ Dance Parade advocates, this RIGHTING of a LONGSTANDING WRONG […] Read more »

Dance Parade 2010 Highlight : David Hill Takes Tour of Dance Parade in “All Along Broadway” Series

From New York Habitat’s “All Along Broadway Series”, host David Hill puts on his dancing shoes and heads for the New York Dance Parade (2010). Sponsored by a non-profit organization, Dance Parade Inc., performers from all walks of life gathered at 21st and Broadway, where […] Read more »

Dance Parade 2011 Highlight : Magnificent Trailer for The 5th Annual Dance Parade & Festival by Joseph Tudtud

In sheer anticipation for The 7th Annual New York City Dance Parade & Festival on Saturday, May 18th,  we have been taking time to look back on all the magic we have created over the past six years and are simply baffled by the amount […] Read more »

House Dance Coalition featuring Jellybean : Dance Parade 2010

Legendary DJ and Producer, Jellybean Benitez, was one of our Grand Marshals for Dance Parade 2010.  Here is a video of the House Dance Coalition float from 2010 with Jellybean on decks!  Hosted by Melting Pot and Jellybean Soul. Track: Webaba by Culoe de Song and […] Read more »

new photo set by eddie lewis

here is a recently acquired set of amazing photos taken by Eddie Lewis from Dance Parade 2010. Enjoy! for more visit his gallery here Read more »

new dance parade 2010 photo gallery by Elyaqim Mosheh Adam

here is yet another beautiful collection of photos from spectator elyaqim. check out his blog here Read more »

capturing the spectrum of dance parade by anita saha

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martha graham junior dance company and more by Ronnie Ginnever

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dance parade photos by joe hsu

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dance parade 2010 recap by josephus tudtud

check out this amazing, amazing recap video of dance parade 2010. the dust has cleared and the recap of the event is about to be constructed. this certainly is a brilliant premonition of things to come. it was an amazing feeling to be part of […] Read more »

clinical proof that dance parade was a success!!

The Happiness Project A chronicle of my attempts to test-drive every tip, principle and scientific study that promotes happiness. by Gretchen Rubin In Which I Go to a Dance Parade and Reflect on Happiness. Dancing in the streets! Published on May 25, 2010 This Saturday, […] Read more »

share your work with dance parade!

THANK YOU for attending the 4th Annual Dance Parade New York on Saturday. It was a smashing event and we’re so pleased that all of you helped us make it that way. Sharing your work with Dance Parade: 1) While our team is monitoring for […] Read more »

a citation

Dance Parade New York is so grateful, thankful and in awe of the magic that transpired on Saturday at the record breaking Fourth Annual Dance Parade  and the exhilarating, electrifying DanceFest that followed in Tompkins Square Park. Thank you to all who volunteered…all who attended…all […] Read more »

the time has come!

Happy Dance Parade Day New York City!!!! Read more »

dancing is a social thang!

check out dance parade on all the social networks below…we are rhythmically taking over the world! Read more »

why we do what we do…

We’re changing the world through dance! Click here for a downloadable overview. Dance Parade Inc is an 501(c)3 charity who’s mission is: to promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance, educating the general public about the opportunities […] Read more »

where? when? what? & how?

WHEN: Saturday May 22nd, 2010 (1:00PM-7:00PM) * Floats and vehicle check in at 10am (Turn West on 22nd Street from Park Avenue) (Group Coordinators only report to Information Booth on Southeast Corner of 21st Street & Bway) * Dancers should arrive no later than 12:30 […] Read more »

dance parade less than 12 hours away!

parade route After gathering between 22nd and 21st between Park and Fifth Avenue, the Parade will kick off at 1pm. Then we will boogie our way down Broadway in history of dance order! We’ll drum up some African beats, shine like only the Korean, Bolivians […] Read more »

IMPORTANT: nypd moves parade start one block north

Hello group coordinators: The NYPD has just moved our staging areas north one block. We are now staging on 21st and 22nd Streets (not 20th and 21st). ALL REGISTERED MOTORIZED VEHICLES AND FLOATS now check-in between 10AM-11AM at 22nd Street and Park Avenue South. Please […] Read more »

dance parade in dance spirit magazine!

Imagine the streets of NYC teeming with dancers–young, old, amateur, professional–performing every imaginable style, from ballet to Bollywood, salsa to swing. That’s exactly what the scene will look like tomorrow as more than 6,000 dancers from all over the world participate in the fourth annual […] Read more »