Dance Genre Buzz : The Gravity Defying, Fast Paced Splendor Of Ukrainian Dance

Ukrainian dance is a fast-paced, high energy carnival ride of leaps, kicks, twirls and bright colors. Much of what the world sees today as Ukrainian dance, however, is only part of the rich traditions of the Ukraine. Dance has been a part of what is […] Read more »

Dance Genre Buzz : The Vocative And Visual Devotion Of Indian Classical Dance Bharata Natyam

At our annual SHOWCASE on Sunday, March 30th,  attendees were treated to the visual and sonic pleasure of Navatman Dance who proudly displayed the traditional Indian dance known as Bharata Natyam.  For this month’s Dance Genre Buzz, we decided to delve deeper into this particular […] Read more »

Dance Genre Buzz : The American Swing Out Sensation Of The Lindy Hop!

The Lindy Hop is an American dance that evolved in Harlem, New York City in the 1920s and 1930s and originally evolved with the jazz music of that time. Lindy was a fusion of many dances that preceded it or were popular during its development […] Read more »

Dance Genre Buzz : A Trot Through The History Of Traditional Russian Folk Dance

  In honor of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, we decided to look to Mother Russia for a few dance lessons and a walk through the rich history of Traditional Russian folk dance, its various incarnations and character.   Traditional Russian folk dance is as […] Read more »

Genre Buzz : Have You Ever Heard Of Estonian Folk Dancing?

Quite a departure from our two previous Genre Buzz entries for House Dancing and Voguing, we travel across The Baltic Sea to Estonia, whose neighboring countries include Russia, Latvia and Finland, for our next dance style highlight!   For the very first time, an Estonian folk […] Read more »

A Choreographed Conversation with Samara Cohen aka Princess Lockerooo!

Since we have chosen Voguing as our featured Dance Genre this month, we decided to go a little further and sit down with one of the prominent figures of the modern day Ballroom scene in New York City.  She is also a huge cheerleader for […] Read more »

Dance Parade 2011 Highlight : Girl Walk//All Day Chapter 9 “When Dancers Collide”

  One of the most unexpected highlights of the 2011 parade happened much later than the parade itself.   Naturally procured for permission before this all took place,  a very unique film was being recorded on the streets of Manhattan the same day that The […] Read more »

Dance Parade 2011 Highlight : Magnificent Trailer for The 5th Annual Dance Parade & Festival by Joseph Tudtud

In sheer anticipation for The 7th Annual New York City Dance Parade & Festival on Saturday, May 18th,  we have been taking time to look back on all the magic we have created over the past six years and are simply baffled by the amount […] Read more »

Dance Genre Buzz : The Sensual and Romantic Kizomba!

For our next Dance Genre Buzz, we explore Kizomba, one of the most popular genres of dance and music originating in Angola.   This genre is noted for its slow, romantic, and sensual characteristics. Read on to learn more about this ornate style of dance!     Kizomba is one of […] Read more »

Dance Parade 2012 Highlight : Follow Grand Marshal Bill Shannon Through The 6th Annual Parade!

DANCE PARADE 2012 HIGHLIGHT: FOLLOW LAST YEAR’S GRAND MARSHAL  BILL SHANNON IN THE 6TH ANNUAL DANCE PARADE! Follow one of our 2012 Grand Marshals, BILL SHANNON, through last year’s Parade. Dancing on his crutches and skateboard, this poignant and inspiring video is yet another unique perspective in […] Read more »

Dear Time Warner, Where Is Our Arts Channel? Please Put Ovation Back On The Air!

Time Warner: Where is our Arts Channel?   Have any of you noticed that OVATION is missing from Time Warner Cable?  They are an independent nationwide network that has a lot of dance programming with shows like “So You Think You Can Dance”,  “Battle of […] Read more »

Dance Genre Buzz : TAP, A Style Of Dance And A Form Of Music All In One

Each month, a new dance style is celebrated. View videos and learn about the heritage and history of different dance styles.  This month we celebrate “Tap” and indulge in its history and tradition as well as its remarkable ability to capture the passion of people […] Read more »

Participate in the making of a Dance Film by Internationally Renowned Choreographer Noémie Lafrance

  Participate in the making of a Dance Film by Noemie LaFrance and Sens Production Choreography for Audiences – Take One A Live Film Conceived and Choreographed by Noémie Lafrance The Irondale Theater – 85 S Oxford St,  Fort Green, Brooklyn Sept 15, 2012   2 PM    […] Read more »