Annual ‘Taste Of Dance Parade’ Showcase A Sensational Success!


all photos by Josef Pinlac


On Sunday, April 12th,  Dance Parade returned to its beloved Dixon Place, a cultural hub of New York City’s  Lower East Side and a perfect home for our final fundraiser of the season and a valiant showcase of the various components that make up our parade and festival each year.  The night began with a cocktail hour reception in the lounge.  After an exciting ‘appetizer’ performance by Anthony Aiu, Artistic Director of Aveia Dance,  both he and Dance Parade veteran Brian K. Austin led guests downstairs to their seats in the theater.   Donnie D’Amato,  who will be hosting the main stage at the festival on May 16th in Tompkins Square Park,  acted as maître d’ of the night and introduced each peformance ‘course’.

The show began with the triple trapeze magic of Fran Sperling and Skybody Entertainment performing high above the audience and setting the tone for the exciting evening.




Kitty Lunn


Pro Am Dance Team



Anthony Aiu


Infinity Hip Hop


Sarah Elizabeth


Red Silk Dancers


Pro Am Dance Team NYC


To learn more about this year’s performers please click here