2018 Dance Parade Participating Organizations:

15 Organizations will present 12 Unique Styles for the May 19th, 2018 Parade.
Name Style Dancers Website Twitter Facebook
American Tap Dance Foundation Tap Dance 100
Art of Stepping Step 70
Beat Addikts United Hip-Hop 34  
High Definition Dance Acro Jazz Hip-Hop 30  
Koin & Co Dancers Contemporary 20  
Learn Bhangra Indian Bhangra 8
Morenada Bolivia USA Bolivian Morenada 40   
salay bolivia usa Bolivian Pasion 100   
salay bolivia usa bloque nj Bolivian Pasion 100   
Shuffle Over Everything (s.o.e) Street Dance 15   
The Prancing Buckeyes Dance Team Majorette 25   
The Rock Dancers Hip-Hop 20  
Tropicalfete Dance, Stilts, Masquerade and Steel Pan Production Caribbean Dance 25
Urban dance opportunities Caribbean Dance 35    
World Dance Initiative - Karen Kriegel World Dance Korean 10   
Total Participants to date: 15632