2017 Dance Parade Photo Contest Announced!

2015 contest winner Suzie Samuel

Each year Dance Parade attracts hundreds of photographers of all ilks to capture the magic found when 80 unique styles of dance and cultures are all presented in the same place.  They love the energy, movement and color found among ancient cultures and highly ambitious artists.  For our contest in 2017 we will award 3 winners with t-shrits, tote bags and other commemorative items.

2015 2nd place winner Glenmore Marshall

Entries must be digital in color or can be black and white.  If participating in the contest we would like to use your photos for our promotional purposes to present the parade as an art parade and also a participatory experience. Therefore we will need to request you to sign off on using your photos and will credit the photographer’s whenever appropriate.

Entry Procedures:

  2. Choose your best shots – Select among your photos to upload up to 10 photos.
  3. Identify – Name your Photos with your legal name  “JaneDoe1.jpg”, “JaneDoe2.jpg” and if possible include the artist name “JaneDoe1_Barishnikov.jpg”
  4. Upload – Photos should be high resolution 300dpi between 1MB and 3MB.  It would be helpful to us as well if you could also upload low resolution photos so that we can post the best entries into our website’s photo gallery.  Upload a maximum of 10 photos to our dropbox link here.
  5. Deadline for Entry & Uploads – May 30th, 2017
  6. Jury Review – A jury of at least 5 members  from the Dance Parade Steering Committee will review each photo and assign a number from 1 (least) to 10 (best).  First stage highly scored photos may appear on our Facebook #danceparadenyc,  Twitter #danceparadenyc or Instagram #danceparadenyc pages for social media feedback.   The top 5 Photographers with the highest score will then be selected in a semi-finalist review period and the committee will re-evaluate and re-score. This selection process will last one week.
  7. Announcement – The winner will be announced June 4th.

    2015 3rd place winner I Brown Longtower