2013 NYDP SQUAD UPDATE! It’s Time To Make Manhattan MOVE!


Hello squad members!


We’re only a day away from Dance Parade and we couldn’t be more excited to have you on the force!! So many of you showed up for last nights meeting and reached out to me on the side by phone and email, we have been able to finalize some things and hopefully get you a little more familiar with the parade and what to expect. That said, please read the details below very closely and email sarah.hannah@danceparade.org with any questions.


Report time for everyone is 10am.

The NYDP Registration & Homebase will be located on the corner of 20th and Broadway. Please look for a Grey Hyundai Sante Fe (SUV) with yellow  POLICETAPE

“police line do not cross” tape around it. 🙂 We will also have a squad meeting and pep rally at 11:30 on 21st and broadway across from the registration table, where we will also take some pictures of the group. After that, everyone can head to their respective “assignments”. 😀 We will be doing a “citation re-enactment” as well so you can get an idea of how to interact with the crowd.


Attire: NYDP Shirt with dark pants, shorts, skirts, etc. The package for the shirt, hat and whistle is $10 per volunteer. Some of you have asked about shoes, just wear something comfortable. You’ll be on your feet for a while that day (especially if you’re planning to march in the parade). 🙂


DP Materials: We will also be giving you programs and police pads for tickets and citations, so get ready to make some arrests! In case you want to get an idea of the parade route and festival layout, please take a look at the links below. The lineup and festival map will also be in the program.

NYDP Main contacts: if you get to your designated area and aren’t sure where to go or what to do, please reach out to the regional NYDP team leader listed below. There are three main areas: the parade start & lineup, the grandstand and the festival.

Thank you all in advance for all of your hard work and support!! Dance Parade wouldn’t be the same without every single one of you! Please make sure to join us for the after party at Affaire! It’s just around the corner from the park, details can be found below.





The Dance Parade AFTER PARTY


50 Avenue B


Can’t wait to police the crowds with you!!

All the best,