2013 International Dance Day Gallery Part Three by Josef Pinlac : Neville, NIWA, Shakedown & Times Square Squares


Here is part three of an exhuberant collection of photographs captured by Josef Pinlac,  one of the newest members of the Dance Parade team, at The 7th Annual International Dance Day Gala held at Dixon Place on Sunday, April 28th.  There were ten fantastic performances throughout the night featuring artists and performers that you will be able to witness displaying their talents on Saturday, May 18th at The 7th Annual Dance Parade & Festival!   We are so grateful to have such passionate and powerful performers who represent various corners of the dance community that are truly showing the meaning of this year’s theme “unity through dance” and their participation is truly an honour!   For our third installment we have Neville Dance Theatre, Danza NIWA , The Shakedown Dance Collective and The Times Square Squares Dance Club which will all be featured prominently in this year’s parade and festival in Tompkins Square Park!

Neville Dance Theatre

NevilleDanceTheatre4_photo_by_Josef Pinlac_28April2013 NevilleDanceTheatre3_photo_by_Josef Pinlac_28April2013 NevilleDanceTheatre2_photo_by_Josef Pinlac_28April2013 NevilleDanceTheatre1_photo_by_Josef Pinlac_28April2013

Danza NIWA

IMG_9535(1) IMG_9533 IMG_9526 IMG_9516

The Shakedown Dance Collective

IMG_9840 IMG_9711 IMG_9703(1) IMG_9665

Times Square Squares

TimesSquareDance4_photo_by_Josef Pinlac_28April2013 TimesSquareDance3_photo_by_Josef Pinlac_28April2013 TimesSquareDance2_photo_by_Josef Pinlac_28April2013 TimesSquareDance1_photo_by_Josef Pinlac_28April2013