10tecomai Yosakoi Dance Project lead The 5th Annual Dance Parade in honor of JAPAN!

To honor the victims of the all too recent Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami, Dance Parade has chosen The 10tecomai Yosakoi Dance Project to lead The 5th Annual Dance Parade this year.   Lining up at 21st Street and Broadway,  the group which uniquely blends Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Dance will be the very first of our 160 groups to make their way downtown at 1pm.   10tecomai recently lent their talents to our March fundraiser at Alpha Fusion Restaurant in March,  their passionate performance just days after the Japanese tragedy rocked the world.   When trying to decided which of our illustrious groups should be first in line,  the answer was not hard to find at all.  Please make sure you get to the parade on time for this will be a memorable and honorable moment in today’s milestone event.

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The body goes beyond words.

It is neither a full length novel nor a two hour theatrical play.
All is dedicated in a song that does not even last a mere five minutes.
There, lies an almost tragic, yet passionate expression of emotion.

Japanese culture and hundreds of other cultures
Our project’s foundation is created when these meet.
It is based on a traditional yet contemporary dance form called Yosakoi.

While holding a prop called “Naruko” in both hands,
The dancers intensely and dramatically dance as the chanter’s cryinstigates the piece.

Various expression is created when all of the above is combined.

“10tecomai”, a Yosakoi Dance Project.
This dance won’t stop.
This dance can’t be stopped.

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